• Automation in all industries is moving faster than ever before.
  • Autonomous Systems are shaping many industries and markets.
  • McKinsey has estimated that robotics and autonomous systems could generate nearly $6.4 trillion/year economic impact by 2025.
  • A consortium has been created to engage all aspects of delivery of autonomous systems and bring players together for success.
    The Government of Alberta is taking the lead on Clean Technology and protection of the province’s health, environment and economy through global partnerships. Autonomous systems are a key area to meet Alberta’s needs.


  • World class team
    Our Experience, Expertise, and Creativity will enable you and give you the competitive edge.
  • One stop shopping
    Hardware & Firmware Design, Development, Validation Test and Pre-Production Manufacturing.
  • Design for manufacturing
    Products are designed for rigorous and stringent standards.
  • Flexibility in business relationship
    We have been working with market leaders to develop solutions for sophisticated autonomous applications.
  • Nimble
    Our staff moves faster and is more agile than alternative organizations.
  • Technologies
    Innovative Sensor Platform Development
    Command and Control
    Test beds
    Policy, regulation and legalization
  • Applications


The GPS provides a rough estimate of the location against a precise map, and other sensors bring the position precision to the centimeter level



NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) defines vehicle automation as having five levels:

  • No-Automation (Level 0)
  • Function-specific Automation (Level 1)
  • Combined Function Automation (Level 2)
  • Limited Self-Driving Automation (Level 3)
  • Full Self-Driving Automation (Level 4)

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Autonomous Systems at ACAMP